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Strategy Game Chebache - Pieces
Strategy Game Chebache - Pieces
Strategy Game Chebache - Pieces
Strategy Game Chebache - Pieces
Strategy Game Chebache - Pieces
Strategy Game Chebache - Pieces

Strategy Board Game Chebache
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Strategy Game Chebache - The Ultimate Combination of Strategy and Chance

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page!

We'll be posting Q & A regarding comments you submit via our Contact page, as well as clarifications of rules and other questions regarding Chebache.

If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, consider submitting it to our Contact page for consideration.

Mini-index for our FAQ:
General FAQ | Rules FAQ

General FAQ:

Q:    Is there an online version of Chebache?
A:    Yes! Chebache Online is now up and running on a new gaming site for strategy games at: www.highergames.com. The site is designed in Flash and works on PC or Mac computers.
Please visit our Chebache Online preveiw for details. The AI (person against computer) version is also in the works.

Q:   Where can I find the rules to Chebache?
A:    Of course, the best way to look at the Chebache rules is to buy a game! However, we have recently posted the rules in HTML as well as a Flash Tutoiral with animated examples on our Chebache Help page for Rule, Strategy Hints and Notation.

You can also learn more about the spirit of Chebache by reading the reviews and educational information.

Rules FAQ:   (references to the Rulebook listed, as appropriate)

Q:    Can I jump over opponent's pieces which occupy intersections?
A:    No. You're pieces may only jump over your own pieces which occupy intersections.

Q:    When can I move more than 1 piece (i.e., a "stack") together?
A:    Under two circumstances:

  1. You roll doubles; this allows you to take 4 moves of the # you roll, rather than only 2 moves (as when you don't roll doubles). Then you could, for example, use all 4 moves available to you to move a stack of 4 pieces, assuming each move is valid individually. Conceptually, you would really be moving each piece individually, but as long as the result of the moves would be the same either way, it can save time to move them together. When playing Chebache Online, each piece must be moved individually, unless they are jumping.
  2. The other way you can move more than 2 pieces together as a stack or portion of a stack is to jump them during the jumping phase of the turn. When Jumping, pieces move as a stack or a portion of a stack, maintaning their stacking order. The pieces that are jumping must remain togther throughout a series of jumps within a given turn. (You may not pick up or drop off pieces during a series of jumps.)

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